The largest opportunity to develop today’s firm lies in its ability to see and implement innovative solutions. We offer a solution to our clients which breaks with the traditional perception of bookkeeping – PAPERLESS BOOKKEEPING. By deploying our e-document flow solution which offers continuous document monitoring, ongoing reporting and permanent access to financial data we save our clients’ time and money. This is how they will always know what they can afford. They can plan, invest and act.

e.figures has an easy and intuitive user interface. With secure and encrypted login in a web browser you can have a twenty-four-hour access to data from practically anywhere in the world. Our system’s functionality enables many users to feed documents simultaneously into the system making it an essential solution for firms with branches in different locations.

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How it works

An employee in your office scans a paper document and feeds it into e-figures. The document goes through a flow tract agreed individually with each client. After it has been finally approved by an authorised person on the client’s side the document is automatically sent to our firm, verified and recorded in the books, and then archived on our server.

The system enables you to monitor document status at all stages. With automated document feeding, description, verification and approval processes the time from the moment a document is received until it is recorded in the books is much reduced.